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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gourmet Best Cake

7:13 PM
gourmet cakeGourmet Cake

Gourmet is a moist cake and sweet as a dessert. there are several types of gourmet cakes to be served to guests or people we love.

 gourmet bundt cakeGourmet Bundt Cake

A bundt cake cooked in bundt pan (fluted and grooved side). This is a simple cake flavor without added design on top. The most popular flavor bundt cake is vanilla, peanut butter, bananas and cream, apples, butter, chocolate, carrots and cinnamon.

gourmet black velvet cakeGourmet Black Velvet

Other gourmet chocolate cake Black Velvet, Chocolate Almond Cake, Truffle Cake, Rocky Mountain landslides and Cake Satin.

Gourmet cakeGourmet Cake

A chiffon cake is very light dessert. Using eggs, vegetable oil, flour, baking powder, sugar and flavorings. Smooth texture is achieved by beating the eggs until stiff and fold evenly into the dough.

fruit cakeGourmet Fruit Cake

A fruit cake made ​​with dried fruits and sweets, nuts and other spices. It involves the basics of baking a cake, while ensuring that the selected fruit is the dominant flavor. Some famous shortcakes strawberry fruit cake, mango cake, apple pie and blueberry pie.

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