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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers

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Wedding Cake Toppers

An experienced designer can come up with endless Cake Toppers Wedding Cake range. They can come in any form, the most common are the figures of the bride and groom, doves, daisies, roses, interlocking hearts, wedding rings, or flowers in a basket, a list beskonechen.Materialy used for toppers can be anything, ranging from glass and porcelain crystal or a variety of other materials. Wedding Cake Toppers can also have as a souvenir of your wedding day, and in most cases well enough to pass as an exhibit for your salon.

For those who are planning a theme wedding, wedding cake toppers to complete the atmosphere svadby.Kvalifitsirovannyh wedding dress hand can be repeated at the top of the pie. For fairytale-themed wedding will be a copy of shoes Cinderella glass figurine or "Snow White" almost perfect, for that matter, a small figurine of a dragon or a castle. Beach and marine themed weddings can give the wedding cake designer plenty of room to exercise their tvorchestvo.Botvorezy wedding cake can come in many forms, such as dolphins, seahorses, mermaids, lighthouses and more. For medieval-themed wedding, you can use a miniature knight and a girl, both cylinders.

Winter wedding cake also has lots of designer to work with. For example, crystal snowflakes or snow people can sit on top of the cake. Although other materials can be used, glass seems perfect for this theme, as it can reflect light like icicles. For those from military backgrounds, wedding cylinders can be quite slozhnymi.Morskaya wedding, for example, could do with an anchor behind the figures of the bride and groom. For the military wedding, two sabers crossed for miniature figures of the couple would be ideal. For western themed wedding cake toppers can range from horses and cows in cowboy and cowgirl as the bride and groom.

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