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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake | Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Ideas

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 Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake 

Minnie Mouse is an iconic character that people know the world. Part Minnie Disney characters and the first set of characters. Minnie is commonly known as Mickey Mouse's girlfriend which begs the question why he had not married? But we digress. Looking for the best Minnie Mouse birthday ever organized, and you just started. There is a lot of information on this popular theme and plenty of things to pre-purchase. 

When planning about a birthday party, you need a cake decorations, party favors and games. These are the four key elements of a good evening. The rest of the people discussing things like party invitations, costumes, etc. are a nice touch, but not necessary, especially when considering such a well known and popular theme! 

The first thing to consider is the Minnie Mouse cake. You have a few different options which include creating yourself or buy one from a local bakery. If you choose to buy, make sure to plan ahead because they usually need a week to prepare the cake. In addition, usually a store bought cake will be more expensive than the other. If you want to make the cake yourself, but not great decorating skills do not worry. You can put a layer of white icing on top and place cake toppers on top. These cake toppers make a great toy after! If you cake decorating skills more then consider buying a stove or Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse cake. You just pour the batter into the pan, cook and come in the form of Minnie. You Decorate the cake with its features and create your own cake Minnie Mouse. It is actually not as difficult as it may seem, and you will be amazed how things will turn out! 

Then you'll want to take into account the decorations. Fortunately, there is an easy theme to decorate and banners, balloons and a few themed items. To tell the truth, you can probably old decorations as long as they are used in the typical Disney Minnie or colors. You can also purchase a cardboard stand-up of Minnie, who is a photo opportunity for parents and children. Table theme of the festival is also a nice touch. 

Games and party favors can often be combined. Party favors that can be used in games that you can buy. This will include the best of Minnie Mouse can draw (or if they are boys a Mickey Mouse). However, it is more commonly a party favor that is separate games. In this case, you can buy pre-assembled favor boxes that are authorized by Disney. The alternative is to visit your local dollar store or Wal-Mart and create your own party favors! But you are sure to party try to enjoy the party as much as the kids! 

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