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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

chocolate cake birthday | Best Cake

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birthday cake chocolatechocolate cake birthday

birthday is the most anticipated time for everyone. birthday celebration is a tradition that most attention in almost all parts of the world. birthday cake, birthday song, candles, decorations, music, dance, party and party-all these make an interesting birthday celebrations and memorable. You also can serve the cake as a birthday gift idea.

birthday cake chocolatechocolate cake birthday

It seems as if the tradition of baking in general has grown in the Great Roman Era. Like, custom wedding cake birthday cake that originated in ancient Roman times. The tradition of birthday cake as part of a birthday celebration in Western culture can be traced back to the mid-19th century. Gradually other habits such as the lighting of candles and singing a birthday song which followed and accompanied by a birthday celebration.

birthday cakes for kidschocolate cake birthday

a birthday celebration without a birthday cake is almost unimaginable when it happens. In western countries, a birthday cake served with ice cream. In India, cakes served with candy or sometimes as a starter.

birthday cake designschocolate cake birthday

Birthday cakes come in various sizes and shapes. These can be single-tiered or multi-tiered depending on the number of guest and host choice. If a birthday celebration is a family affair, then a single layer cake can be ordered.

birthday cake funnychocolate cake birthday

Form cakes are usually round, square, oval, heart, etc.. Recent developments and innovations in the field of cake baking has yielded excellent results on a birthday cake shape. Cake can be baked in the form of Mickey land, gardens, Rubik cube, poker table, soccer field, cartoon, hats, guitars, giant Ladybug etc.

chocolate cake birthdaychocolate cake birthday

Birthday cakes come in a variety of flavors to satisfy every tongue-cake eating. General flavor is banana, cherry chip, pumpkin, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, coconut, apple spice etc. You can also choose a yellow cake with lemon flavored cake filling, white cake with vanilla Bavarian cream filling, cake with strawberry pink mousse filling, chocolate cake mousse with Bailey's Irish ice cream, vanilla butter cream cake Domino with classical French, moist cake with creamy cheese mousse etc.

birthday cakechocolate cake birthday

Icing can be done with French butter cream, chocolate butter cream, white Rosette, Chocolate Ganache, fudge, etc. To make the cake more delicious cake baked by the content of cherries, bananas, apricots, blueberries, pineapple, etc. A birthday cake baked in this way will definitely look good and taste heavenly.

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