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Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Easter Cake Decorating Ideas | Best Cake

7:10 PM
Easter Nest CakeEaster Nest Cake

Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny and Easter cakes are amazing suitable for all celebrations around the world. Easter cake is very popular. Not strange if you are looking for ideas to decorate Easter cakes, just for this once a year.

rotator-basketEaster Nest Cake

Before you excited to start decorating your Easter cake, make sure that the cake was made ​​that has been cooled at least for about 45-60 minutes. After cake is cooled, the frosting begins. This will be a little messy, but this is a very important basic steps.

Easter Nest CakeEaster Nest Cake

If you want the color of the cake, mix the colors before you start decorating. You can use whipped cream frosting to make the process easier to decorate with whipped cream is not sticky like most shops when purchasing frostings.

Easter Nest CakeEaster Nest Cake

Style frosting after it can be applied using a fork and pull at the top of the cake. Use a knife to make a spin along the top edge of cake. You can place small chocolate Easter eggs, peeps, and Easter candy on the cake or cupcake just opaque.

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