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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding cake | Modren Wedding Cake

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wedding cakeWedding Cakes Designs 2011

Most important staple of wedding reception is the cake pengantin.Bisa so this is an important requirement in a marriage. Not many people leave the reception before the cake is cut. most of the wedding cake will be displayed in a wedding photo album, which will see for years to come. One of the main photo on your marriage and your spouse is when cutting the cake together, the first symbol of a new relationship with one another. Then, you should take the time to choose the perfect wedding cake.

wedding cakesWedding Cakes 2011

When you are ready to begin your search for the perfect wedding cake, this is a factor to consider when choosing your wedding cake designer:

wedding cake designsWedding Cake Jamesbond

1) Size of Cake: The size of wedding cake will depend on the number of guests you expect for your reception. If you plan to keep some 'sweet to guests who could not accept your invitation and will be able to participate, and also plans to send wedding cake, invitations and city, then you must remember to specify the exact number of people.

wedding cake ideasBeach Wedding Cakes

2) Design: Go through the cake sample images from other pastry chefs and bakers. Looking through wedding magazines is also a good way to find wedding cake design. If you find something you like, you can always design your own cake.

weddings cakesWedding Cake

3) Taste: While it is important that the wedding cake visual appeal to the senses, even more important that good. Others could go with a lot of 'wedding cake is eaten. Choose from plain vanilla or chocolate, fruit cake or sponge cake, ricotta, and even wedding cakes with a mousse filling. If you are tempted by the different tastes and can not make up your mind, you can have different levels in different flavors!

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