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Monday, June 27, 2011

melting chocolate for candy

6:34 PM
melt chocolate candyMelt Chocolate Candy

not easy to get a perfect chocolate is melted. To make chocolate candy, chocolate should be melted properly to ensure that be what you want while adding a variety of materials for candy, shape or incorporated into desserts.

candy chocolateCandy Chocolate

Although it is widely unpredictable and can cause the chocolate to melt evenly or non-uniform while cooking. You should check your chocolate frequently during cooking to prevent burning or blistering and separation of fat.

Melt Chocolate CandyCandy Chocolate

For the white chocolate or milk chocolate in the microwave using a low setting for two minutes. This will only soften and appear wet.Chocolate will not melt instantly in the microwave. remove from microwave and stir until chocolate melts smooth.

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